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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

C++ For Beginners Essential Complete HD Training Free Download

C++ portions 

C++ possessions incorporate all source documents for C and C++ programs (.cpp, .c, .hpp., and .h).

The C++ portions page shows the items for a specific C or C++ holding. You enter the items page by clicking a C++ possession name on any page on which C++ holdings seem, for example, the C++ outline page.

Utilize the C++ portions page to:

See all properties of a particular C++ index.

Perform activities on the stake.

See all different parts that are identified with the present possession.

This page holds four segments that help you with the accompanying undertakings. Click the connection for additional data on utilizing every area.


This segment is the shaded territory at the upper left of the page. It demonstrates the qualities of the present part. In the event that a characteristic name is a connection, you can access a portions page for it by clicking the connection. For additional data on the qualities indicated, see the accompanying themes:

Regular properties 

Depicts ascribes that are regular to different possessions.

Dmh_cpp database table

Depicts ascribes particular to C++ records.


This segment is a drop-down record on the right half of the page. From this record you can select movements to perform on the present possession. For additional data on the movements accessible on this page, see the accompanying themes:

Bookmark this page (wizard opens in a divide window)

Oversee annotations (exchange opens in another window)

View source (opens another window)

Custom question (run a custom inquiry that has been relegated to this page)

Identified parts 

This segment is an arrangement of expandable records that show segments identified with the present stake. To grow a record, click +. From some of these records, you can click a name to open a portions page for a particular identified part. For additional data on the stake sorts you can connection to from this segment, click the connections under "Related Help."

Reference chart

Delineates how the present stake identifies with different stakes in the stock database. To show the diagram, click +.

Identified Concepts 

Source sorts

Identified Tasks

Expounding your segments

Identified References

C++ analyzer

Conveyed graph symbols

Identified Help

C++ synopsis page

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C++ For Beginners Essential Training

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Friday, 6 December 2013

Battlefield 4 [MULTI5][ALL UPDATES][DLC CHINA RISING][RELOADED] Complete Pc Game With Full Version Free Download

Call of Duty: Ghosts vs. Battlefield 4: Details Emerge for Call of Duty Online; Battlefield 4 PS4 Update Delayed 

Battlefield 4 PS4 update postponed

Those who were expecting a new Battlefield 4 patch on the PS4 on December 3 were disappointed by a last-minute announcement from DICE.

Apparently, the PS4 update needs a few more testing before it tins go live for download. Videogamer reports that the PS4 update rollout is currently undated.

Battlefield 4 China Rising: Get your first glimpse of the maps for the aide DLC.

"The PS4 quarry update that was originally meant to go live Dec 3 is undergoing some additional experimenting and will be rescheduled for a later date," said DICE in a statement quoted by Videogamer.

"We will get back with final details as soon as we have proof that the update is good to go."

The Battlefield 4 PS4 patch was originally meant to bring three main fixes in the PS4 interpretation of the game. In a previous notice by DICE, the patch for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Xbox One and were supposed to follow after the PS4 patch was released, but this can mean that those predicament will be pushed back as well.

Join the Fallout 4 speculation: The clues from the Survivor 2299 so far, all gathered in one place. Read them here.

Battlefield 4 vs. Call of Duty: Ghosts: Where do the games stand?

The ultimate fight between shooter games Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 passion on, but it seems that diagram post alone are not enough to secure any actuality leads as to which prey dominates.

So far, MCVUK reports that Battlefield income the cake, and Battlefield is one cord higher than Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Chart-Track faculty for the week.

However, Mirror reports about the divination being made by specialist when it comes to the charts that will be established during Christmas, and foresees Call of Duty: Ghosts to come out on top. Being on top here stipulation that the will dominate all the games that are currently being played on both the Xbox One and the PS4.

Here's an guarantee that the PS4 base will still come before Christmas: Read the full tale here.

"It's the number one selling appellation at key retailers and it's also the mass played game on Xbox One and PS4 globally," said Hirshberg to Mirror. "As we've said before, we've got the best flock of fans in the world, and we're thrilled they're coming with us to the next generation."

So, which quarry do you think wins between the two?

Minimum System Requirement 

CPU:                      AMD: Athlon X 2 208 GHz, Intel : Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz,
RAM:                    4GB
VGA:                     AMD: AMD Redeon HD 3870, NVIDIA: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT
VGA Memory:      512 MB
DX:                         DX 10
OS:                         Windows Vista , 7 , 8 SP2 32 Bit
HDD:                      30GB

Maximum System Requirement 

CPU:                      AMD: AMD six-core CPU, Intel : Quad-Core CPU
RAM:                    8GB
VGA:                     AMD: AMD Redeon HD 7870, NVIDIA: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
VGA Memory:      3GB
DX:                        DX 11
OS:                         Windows Vista , 7 , 8 SP2 64 Bit
HDD:                      30GB


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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Ulead video studio 11 Full Register Version Free Download


Basic editing

The software allows both storyboard and timeline-oriented editing. Different design are supported for source clips, and the resulting video can be exported to DVD, AVCHD, HD-DVD and AVI. VideoStudio also supports direct DV and HDV taking to disk.
VideoStudio provides scores categories of video transitions, including:
FX contains assorted video possessions such as 'Burn' and 'Fade to black'
3D provides assorted 3D transition effects
Album a slideshow impression similar to that of a photo album.
Users can overlay a Flash animation, an image, or schoolbook on the video. However, the tally of overlays allowed is limited. The exploiter must remove a particular shouting from the overlay video so that the required background or picture can appear in the foreground.
Other features
VideoStudio can innovations apparent video playback speed, reverse it, and modify hue and saturation. It provides clothes that let the exploiter trim, crop, and split video tracks. The soundtrack can be split from the video track, allowing the audio to pleasure at a different pace than the video. A feature that Corel calls "SmartRender" renders only the edited portions of video, so a exploiter can preview edited footage without VideoStudio creating temporary files. This feature also makes final providing scads faster.
Proxy Video Files
Video Studio supports revising of high-definition video. Proxy queue are smaller adaptation of the video fountains that pedestal in for the full-resolution source during editing to improve performance.
Video Studio supports VFX-type plug-ins from supplier like New Blue FX.
Users have reported firmness problems with VideoStudio.[citation needed]


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Adobe Photoshop CS 8.0 Full Version With Key Free Download

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics correcting program developed and published by Adobe Systems.
Adobe's 2003 "Creative Suite" rebranding led to Adobe Photoshop 8's renaming to Adobe Photoshop CS. Thus, Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the 13th adult exemption of Adobe Photoshop. The CS rebranding also resulted in Adobe offering numerous software packages containing multiple Adobe programs for a reduced price. Adobe Photoshop is released in two editions: Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Photoshop Extended, with the Extended owning extra 3D image creation, activity graphics editing, and advanced idol answer features.[7] Adobe Photoshop Extended is included in all of Adobe's Creative Suite offerings except Design Standard, which includes the Adobe Photoshop edition.
Alongside Photoshop and Photoshop Extended, Adobe also publishes Photoshop Elements and Photoshop Lightroom, collectively called "The Adobe Photoshop Family". In 2008, Adobe released Adobe Photoshop Express, a free web-based image altering ability to edit picture directly on blogs and social interconnecting sites. In 2011, a translation was released for the Android operating system and the iOS operating system, followed by a openness of a rendition for Windows 8 in 2013.[8][9][10]
Adobe distributes Photoshop in Windows and Macintosh versions.

Download And Extract And Install...
Both File Are In Same Folder With Process Of Extracting

Part 1

 Part 1

Part 2

 Part 2

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

The Wolverine (2013) 720P With 5.1 Audio in Urdu\Hindi\English Free Download

The Wolverine was released on July 24, 2013 in various international markets; and was released on July 25, 2013 in Australia, and on July 26, 2013 in the United States. The film received generally positive reviews from critics and has been a commercial success. As of November 24, 2013 the film has made closely $414.8 million worldwide, nearly 3.5 times its assembly budget of $120 million.

In 1945, Logan, the Wolverine, is held in a Japanese POW camp near Nagasaki. During the atomic bombardment of Nagasaki, Logan rescues an appointee named Yashida and shields him from the blast.
In the present day, Logan activity as a hermit in Yukon, tormented by delusion of Jean Grey, whom he was forced to prey at the end of X-Men: The Last Stand. He is located by Yukio, a mutant with the precognitive capability to foresee people's deaths, on-behalf of Yashida, now the CEO of a technology corporation. Yashida, who is destruction of cancer, need Logan to accompany Yukio to Japan so that he may repay his existence debt.
In Tokyo, Logan meets Yashida's son, Shingen, and granddaughter, Mariko. There, Yashida offers to trick Logan's recovery abilities into his own body, thus saving Yashida's life and alleviating Logan of his immortality, which Logan views as a curse. Logan refuses and prepares to furlough the chasing day. That night, Yashida's physician Dr. Green (aka Viper) introduces something into Logan's body, but Logan dismisses it as a dream.
The next morning, Logan is informed that Yashida has died. At the funeral, Yakuza gangsters attempt to kidnap Mariko, but Logan and Mariko aviation together into the urban sprawl of Tokyo. Logan is short and his wounds do not heal as quickly as they should. After fighting off more Yakuza on a pill train, Logan and Mariko hide in a local love hotel. Meanwhile, Yashida's bodyguard Harada meets with Dr. Green who, after verifying her mutant ability on him, demands he find Logan and Mariko.
Logan and Mariko travel to Yashida's house in Nagasaki, and the two slowly spillway for each other. Meanwhile, Yukio has a imagination of Logan dying, and goes to warn him. Before Yukio arrives, Mariko is captured by Yakuza. After interrogating one of the kidnappers, Logan and Yukio confront Mariko's fiance, corrupt Minister of Justice Noburo Mori. Mori confesses that he conspired with Shingen to have Mariko killed because Yashida left sovereignty of the business to Mariko, and not Shingen.
Mariko is brought before Shingen at Yashida's ground when ninjas led by Harada attack and whisk her away. Logan and Yukio arrive later and, using Yashida's X-ray machine, discover a robotic parasite attached to Logan's heart, suppressing his recovery ability. Logan cuts himself open and extracts the device. During the operation, Shingen attacks but Yukio holds him off long enough for Logan to recover and stop him.
Logan follows Mariko's way to the village of Yashida's birth, where he is captured by Harada's ninjas. Logan is placed in a machine by Dr. Green, who reveals her plans to route his recovery factor and introduces him to the Silver Samurai, an electromechanical suit of Japanese armour with energized swords made of adamantium. Mariko escapes from Harada, who believes he is acting in Mariko's interests, and manages to free Logan from the machine. Harada sees the incorrectness of his ways and is killed by the Silver Samurai while serving Logan escape.
Meanwhile, Yukio arrives and kills Dr. Green as Logan fights the Silver Samurai. The Silver Samurai severs Logan's adamantium claws and begins to passages Logan's recovery abilities, exposure himself to be Yashida, who had faked his death. Yashida starts to regain his youth, but Mariko intervenes and stabs Yashida with Logan's severed claws while Logan regenerates his bone claws and finishes off Yashida. Logan collapses and has one final hallucination of Jean, in which he decides to finally let go of her.
Mariko becomes CEO of the Yashida Corporation and bids leave to Logan as he prepares to furlough Japan. Yukio vows to postponements by Logan's period as his bodyguard, and they depart to function unknown.
In a mid-credits scene, Logan returns to the United States after two age and is found at the airport by Magneto and Professor Xavier, who warn him that a grave new threat to the mutant breed is appearance (foreshadowing X-Men: Days of Future Past).

Space 1.18GB

 X Man

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Kali Linux For Frofessional Hacking And Security 64 Bit 1.0.5 x64 Free Download

Kali Linux For Frofessional Hacking And Security 64 Bit 1.0.5 x64 Free Download Its Only For Professional Hacking And Security Any Problem Then Comments....

 Kali Linux 64 Bit

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Monday, 2 December 2013

Kali Linux For Professional Hacking And Security 32 Bit 1.0.5 i386 Full OS Download

 Kali Linux For Professional Hacking And Security 32 Bit 1.0.5 i386 Full OS Download In Full Speed Install And Enjoy

 Kali Linux 32

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